Gaisu Yari



Work Experience: Afghanistan – August 2015 to Present

Work Experience: U.S. – 2008 to August 2015

Work Experience: Afghanistan – 2004 to July 2007

Personal (Competencies, Languages, Citizenships)



Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University
New York City – October 2018 (GPA 3.6)
MA in Human Rights
Thesis: Interrogating Impact, A Critical Analysis of Donor Support for Projects Supporting Women in Afghanistan
Award: Feminist Majority Foundation Scholarship (2017 – 2018)

University of Virginia
Charlottesville – May 2015 (GPA 3.7)
B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies
B.A. in Women’s Studies

WORK EXPERIENCE: Afghanistan, August 2015 to Present

Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC)
Helmand, Kandahar, Badakhshan and Kunduz Provinces
Research Consultant – December 2018 to April 2019
Design and manage research project about the impact of conflict on civilians and ascertain why civilian casualties are higher in the North than the South. Analyze data collected by field-researchers, identify trends, follow up and support additional research in filed or desktop research, write the report, and work with CIVIC staff to edit and finalize the report. CIVIC’s Afghan country director is Syed Muzzafar Shah,

The Weaving the Fabric of a Nation: The Untold Stories of Women’s Rights and Education in Afghanistan
Research Co-Leader with Laura Trainor – December 2018 – March 2020
This is a transmedia project focusing on two generations of Afghan women and access to education in Afghanistan. Tasks include, but are not limited to a needs assessment, data collection and analysis that will shape resources and recommendations for teachers and students to use in primary schools, universities, and as resources in community libraries to educate citizens about women’s rights.  More information about the project can be shared upon request.
Sponsors:  Proof, Feminist Majority, Greenworks

Paiwand e Emroz Social and Cultural Organization (PESCO)
Kabul and Mazar Sharif provinces
Consultant/Training Program Manager – February to August 2017
Received a three day technical training from Creative International in Kabul before assuming this position responsible for training and monitoring a team of twenty-five, and designing and implementing a capacity building financial management and marketing training for 674 Afghans, fifty percent who were women.  More information about the project at  PESCO’s contact is Mohammad Shah Babai,

Shuhada Organization
Kabul and Kandahar province
Consultant/Gender Trainer – November 2016 and August 2017
Designed and implemented the “Women and Leadership Training” (November 8-10, 2016) for twenty-five women in the Afghan capital, and the “Gender Inclusion Training” for thirty Engineering faculty at Kandahar University (July 31 – August 3, 2017). Contacts include Maisam Waseem,, for the Kabul training, and Hassan Mohsini,, for the university training.

Women’s Creative and Artistic Organization (WCAO)
Kabul, Ghazni, and Mazar Sharif provinces
Founder, Board Director – September 2015 to 2017
WCAO provided handicraft skill training and marketing opportunities to empower poor Afghan women. It ended, as hoped, when the women it helped went forward continuing to make and sell their own handicrafts. It partnered with Poland’s Active Women Association (AWA) in the making of a documentary (Sisters) to raise awareness about the problems of Afghan women by focusing on WCAO’s founders (I among them) and work.  The film was premiered in three Polish cities, in addition to the 9th Congress of Women, attended by over 1000.   Its trailer is at  AWA’s contact is Monika Sobanska, (

Asia Foundation
Consultant/Agency Liaison with the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs – February to December 2016
Responsible for supporting, implementing, and overseeing all Asia Foundation’s projects with the Ministry in an effort to strengthen the agency.  The position entailed advising the Minister and working with her staff and the international and national organizations the Ministry partners with.  Asia Foundation contact is Latif Bashardost,

Afghanistan Ministry of Women’s Affairs
Consultant/Representing the Ministry at International Events

UN Commission on the Status of Women
Participant and Technical Support – March 2016
As one of seven government appointed members of the Afghan delegation to this annual global summit, I participated in bilateral meetings with the UNDP, UNWOMEN, USAID, UNODC, UNESCO, and UNICEF and assisted other delegation members with their interactions with these agencies. Provided technical support to prepare Afghan panelists for two side events which I also helped facilitate, and translated live (from Dari to English) the Minister’s speech before the entire body.

3rd Afghan Women Symposium in Kabul
Participant and Technical Support – May 21 to 22, 2016
Representing the Ministry on the event’s Technical Organizing Team, attending its committee meetings with the First Lady’s office, the symposium and all six of its panels.  Prepared all Ministry information disseminated to reporters and collected and organized the information they gathered for the committee that prepared the “Draft Resolution on Empowering and Role of Women in Afghan Society”, presented at the October 2016 Brussels conference (see below).

Training: Planning for Civil-Military Relations & Ethnic Conflict and Violent Religious Extremism
U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey California
Coordinator of the Ministry’s Delegation (Six Women) – September 19 to 29, 2016
Participated in all trainings and afterwards, prepared the Ministry report on how to adapt training’s recommendations, including increasing the participation of women in security forces by strengthening the relationship between the Ministry of Women and the Afghan Ministries of Defense and Interior. Networked for the Ministry of Women with these and other key Afghan players.

Brussels Conference on Afghanistan
Sponsored by the European Union and Afghanistan
Technical Support – October 4 to 5, 2016
Accompanied the Minister and the First lady to bilateral meetings and when networking with attendants among the participating 75 countries and 26 international organizations and agencies. Prepared the requisite report summarizing the conference for the Afghan President on belief of the ministry.

Role of Women in the Development of OIC Member States
Sponsor: Organization of Islamic Cooperation
Participant and Technical Support – November 1 to 3, 2016
Arranged, attended and interpreted bilateral meetings, including fifty-seven countries, for the Minister; participated in a roundtable to develop an action plan; and prepared the requisite report summarizing the summit for the Afghan President on behalf of the Ministry.

HUDA Development Organization (HUDA)
Consultant/Technical Assistance – November 2015
Provided technical advice on prospective women empowerment projects, and designed and organized the related training, “How To Be An Advocate”, for the national non-profit organizations supported by HUDA.  Huda contact is Mohammad Jebran Mudaser, Director,

WORK EXPERIENCE: U.S. – 2008 to August 2015

Advocacy:  Women’s Rights in the Middle East; Afghan Women; Women in Conflict
2008 to Spring 2015
Promoting awareness of women’s issues and support of women’s rights as a panelist, speaker, and author of articles sponsored or published by international rights organizations, academic institutions and among others, by the UVa branch of the ROTC. For details, see Publications and Presentations

Advocacy: Persian Language and Culture
University of Virginia
Language Assistant – Fall 2014 to Spring 2005
UVa Shea House resident specialist for language immersion, ensuring students studying Persian had many and diverse opportunities to practice by monitoring their Persian during dinner four nights a week, facilitating a weekly, hour-long Persian conversation group, and organizing cultural-specific events. Contact is Alireza Korangy Isfahani, Persian and Middle East StudiesProfessor,

Persian Language Reinforcement
University of Virginia
Volunteer Instructor – October 2014 through Spring 2015
Providing a weekly tutoring lab, or individualized session for those who could not attend, to interested UVa Persian language students outside the UVa Shea House who needed to practice Persian or help with homework.

International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF)
Washington, D.C.
Interviewer – October 2013
Via Skype, interviewed (in Dari) Afghan journalist Najiba Ayubi, winner of IWMF’s 2013 Courage in Journalism Award, and translated transcript into English for IWMF which adapted its contents into the article published at ayubi-2013-courage-in-journalism-award IWMF contact is Alana Barton, Program Manager,

Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF)
Arlington, VA
Internship – June to August 2013
Promoted awareness and action on the issue of forced marriage in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Afghanistan through lobbying congressional offices and representing the FMF at related conferences and other events. Identified and translated (from Dari to English) articles and other information on the foundation’s Afghan webpage at  Wrote articles published by the FMF at  FMF contact is Kari Ross, Assistant to the President:

The Forum (newspaper)
Piedmont Virginia Community College, Charlottesville, VA
Reporter – 2012 to 2013
List of publications available upon request.

Springfield and Charlottesville, VA
Shift Supervisor – 2009 to 2015
A source of income to support my studies and a venue to learn and practice English and U.S. culture.

Starbucks Community Outreach Program
Volunteer – 2012
Participated in a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to help construct a dwelling.

Persian Tutor
Volunteer – 2010
For a military officer in Springfield and Charlottesville, Virginia who was awaiting deployment.

Women for Women International Letters of Hope Campaign
Volunteer – 2010
Exchanged letters with women in Afghanistan and Africa who had suffered war and gender discrimination.

Lutheran Community Services
Worcester, MA
Refugee Volunteer – 2008 to 2009
Organized student files and helped refugee students with homework assignments.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Afghanistan – 2000 to July 2007

 Radio Jaghori
Ghazni Province
Radio Reporter – March 2004 to July 2007
Prepared or edited and read local, national and international news; hosted the daily “Live Q and A” and weekly live poetry programs; and controlled and provided sound system technical support.

Internews Training Station, Kabul – January 2006
Attended a two week radio journalism and skills training to promote positive social change, required and sponsored by the international non-profit Internews to strengthen my skills as a reporter at one of its media stations, Jaghori Radio.

Jaghori Public Library
Librarian Assistant – Spring 2004 to Winter 2005
Received and organized books and provided leadership and other support to students organizing literacy public events.

Adult Literacy Classes
Instructor for Women’s Classes – Spring 2002 to Winter 2004
Sponsored by Future Generation & U.S. Agency for International Development

Massaouda Jalal Campaign
Voter Participation Advocacy Volunteer – 2004
Educated and motivated community residents and especially women to vote for the only female candidate and who happened to be from a different ethnic background than those living in Jaghori.


Competencies: Strong organizational and management skills and detail oriented; excellent communication and interpersonal skills; an effective team player; a passion and aptitude for advocacy; and demonstrated abilities for timely academic and professional reports and investigative journalism.

Languages: Dari (old Persian, closer to Arabic), English and Farsi (Persian)

Citizenship:  Afghanistan and US.

Other:  Another Afghanistan is a blog highlighting my life, academic and professional experiences in Afghanistan, the U.S., and internationally.  Visit it at


Work, academic and personal references not cited above will be provided upon request.