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سكوتم دريچه ناميدي نيست مادر اين عشق تو خواب تو تبسم صبحگاهي تو همدردي لحظه هاي آرامبخشي ديروزت دارد تنحائي را از صورت خسته من از دنياي غرق به ساحل از خزان زرد و دلگير در دامنه هاي كوه ميبرد پس وجودت را با خود عشق ات را در قلب اميد ات را در پيش در پرواز به سوي لبخندي ... Read More »

               جويبار عشق كبوتر آشيانه تو لاله پائيز من همه از رهگذر شب گويند ………………………………. نه فرداي به اوج آسمانها نه عزيزي به مهرباني تو نه غروبي به دلگيري من ………………………………. بشتاب اي قاصدك منم و شقايق سرد زمستان در پله هاي نا آميدي …………………………….. 5/18/2014 Gaisu Yari Happy Mothers Day…… سكوتم دريچه ناميدي ... Read More »

من و تو درد در آن كوه دل روي رمز آشتي ها ميكند ياري من همان آشفته گلبرگ روي پائيز ميكنم فرياد از براي دل از براي مرگ ناهنگام نه ترا بينم نه كبوتر در فضاي صبح اين چي فريادي اين چي دلگيري ميرود در جويباري خانه آن دوست تا كند پرواز من سنگين در ديار تنگ و تنهائي صبر ... Read More »

I have been very fortunate and am truly very appreciative to have received the generous support of some very good people and/or organizations.  Among them:   Feminist Majority Foundation Especially, Norma Gattsek, Eleanor Smeal Susie Gillian and Fatema Syed   Ghulam Hussain Sirat Director, Persian edition of Deutsche Welle (DW) Afghanistan   Linda Hemby Sociologist, Human Rights/Social Justice Activist ... Read More »

شعر از گيسو ياري 10/01/2014 کجا؟ بيگير دستم به سوي نغمه هاي عشق برگردان شفق از عمق صبحگاهي بينداز شعله از هجران بياور لرزه از عصري ……….. همه ماتم، همه دلتنگي يك نوروز همه برف و زيان اين نيست همه گلخند يك آواز زند فرياد اي قايق! ……….. بيا برگرد به آغوشم بيا غور زمان دل شويم همراز يك دلدار ... Read More »

Suggested References

Due to time constraints, this section is in progress and I will share other resources as soon as my schedule allows. What is provided is to give visitors an idea of the diversity of online resources about groups – both inside and outside of Afghanistan – supporting Afghan women. Please email me – – if you are seeking specific information ... Read More »

March 2014 to present: Afghan Cross Border Youth Initiative I began and coordinate this educational project using Skype to connect young men and women in Afghanistan with their peers in the U.S. and elsewhere to share knowledge and perspectives for a better Afghanistan. Read More »

Dari Publications I worked for the broadcast media in Afghanistan and while I composed news stories in Dari that I read over the air, they were not published because the station did not have a website at that time. June 24, 2014: The Candidates Must Respect the People’s Votes Requested and Published by the Newspaper 8am Kabul, Afghanistan English ... Read More »

Resume Gaisu Yari Charlottesville, Va EDUCATION University of Virginia Charlottesville, Va Fall 2011- Present Major: Middle East and Women’s Studies Expected Graduation: May 2015 GPA: 3.7 Middle East Institute Washington, DC May 2014 Intensive 9 day UVa research course – Americans in the Middle East: Why do they hate us? – utilizing the National Archives, Library of Congress, and ... Read More »


Below is a partial list of presentations I have been asked to provide, including participations as a panelist.  Some have been sponsored by international organizations; others have been organized by groups affiliated with the University of Virginia. April 17, 2014:  Kandahar Treasure:  A lecture on Women’s Rights and Economic Development in Afghanistan Hosted by:   the University of Virginia’s Afghanistan Student ... Read More »