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Due to time constraints, this section is in progress and I will share other resources as soon as my schedule allows. What is provided is to give visitors an idea of the diversity of online resources about groups – both inside and outside of Afghanistan – supporting Afghan women. Please email me – – if you are seeking specific information about Afghan women that is not included below or if you would like me to add to or edit entries. Thanks!



Afghan Institute of Learning

Woman run NGO addressing the problems of poor access to education and health services.

 Afghan Women’s Network

An umbrella organization of 120 women led civil society NGOs and over 3000 individual women members advocating for women’s rights.

September 2014 article on a Project AWN is collaborating on:

 Afghan Women’s Writing Project

Group encourages Afghan women to tell their stories to support one another and to educate others about women’s issues in our country.

Website location is ; also on Facebook at

Femin Ijtihad (FI)

or Strategic Advocacy of Human Rights

Femin Ijtihad “stands for critical thinking of gender notions and laws.” The group “ draft legal opinions, defence statements and law reform analyses on women’s human rights under International and Islamic Law” and among other services conducts “workshops for lawyers and activists on how to strategically advocate their positions in community-based programs and courtroom litigation.”


Group providesing training for female Afghan reporters in Kabul. On Twitter at #saharspeaks or @Sahar_Speaks


Afghanistan – This is Kabul (2014, 24 minutes)

“Made by Journeyman Pictures and filmed by [teenage] girls on tiny cameras, the documentary tracks Sadar, Sadaf and Nargis as they drive around the Afghan city of Kabul, wander around the uni campus, eat ice cream in a mall, and – while watching their mates perform in a show – are told that fighting has broken out. It’s the second time in two weeks, and the girls aren’t sure how they’re going to make it home safely.”


The Underground Girls of Kabul: In Search of a Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan (2014)

A 2014 NPR interview with the journalist/author Jenny Nordberg can be found at

 Khaled Hosseini

I suggest all three of his books. The one that focuses most on Afghan women’s issues is A Thousand Splendid Suns (2007).



 Women’s Access to Justice in Afghanistan (September 2014)

Summary and full report commissioned by the United States Institute of Peace.


When Trying to Get Help Hurts: Women Seeking Justice in Afghanistan (August 2014)

Recommendations by the United States Institute of Peace for the new Afghan government.

Afghan Women Recommendations to NATO Summit 2014 (August 2014)

Recommendations prepared by the Afghan Women’s Network

Women and Girls in the Afghanistan Transition (June 2014)

Council on Foreign Relations recommendations on how to “improve women’s security and leadership opportunities through diplomacy, defense, and development aid.”

 Women’s role in Afghanistan’s future – taking stock of achievements and continued challenges (2013)

World Bank “report assesses the overall situation of women in Afghanistan across key sectors, acting as a follow-up to the report published by the World Bank in 2005 entitled, Afghanistan: National Reconstruction and Poverty Reduction-Role of Women in Afghanistan’s Future.”

link to world bank report

Lessons from Women’s Programs in Afghanistan and Iraq (March 2011)

Commissioned by the United States Institute of Peace, the report illuminates best practices for future projects in combat zones.

Click here for the report

Articles and Press Releases

The Afghan Girls Who Live as Boys

The Atlantic, September 8, 2014

 Nato shouldn’t abandon Afghanistan’s women

Human Rights Watch, September 3, 2014

The Afghanistan Elections: Continuing the Strategic Cooptation of Women’s Rights

E-International, September 3, 2014


 Facebook’s Blue Bra

News clipping service open to the public about Muslim Women, Arab Women and Muslim Feminism.