Below is a partial list of presentations I have been asked to provide, including participations as a panelist.  Some have been sponsored by international organizations; others have been organized by groups affiliated with the University of Virginia.

April 17, 2014:  Kandahar Treasure:  A lecture on Women’s Rights and Economic Development in Afghanistan

Hosted by:   the University of Virginia’s Afghanistan Student Association

Sponsored by:   Office of the Dean of Students, the Middle Eastern Leadership Council, and the International Relations Organization

I spoke about the newly energized young Afghan generation, especially those attending universities, and used it to frame my exposition on women’s rights and development over the past ten years.

Maryam Ghariban, President, MELC,

April 7, 2014:  Poetry Night

Sponsored by:  the University of Virginia’s Middle Eastern Leadership Council

These bimonthly events expose students and the public to a variety of poetry styles, topics, and languages from the Middle East and some South East Asian countries.  I chose to recite a Persian poem by the 20th century Iranian feminist Forough Farrokhzad.

Maryam Ghariban, President, MELC,

April 3, 2014:  Minority Voices

Sponsored by:  the University of Virginia’s Middle Eastern Leadership Council (MELC)

A TED Talk inspired event during which UVa students from diverse minority organizations tell their stories.  I addressed women’s rights in Afghanistan by sharing my experiences under the Taliban and subsequent journey to UVa.

Maryam Ghariban, President, MELC,

March 2014:  Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with Women of Afghanistan

2014 National Young Feminist Leadership Conference

Crystal City, Va

Sponsored by:  Feminist Majority Foundation

One of four panelists addressing the impact of U.S. and NATO assistance on the status of women in Afghanistan.

March 2014:  University of Virginia Army ROTC

Charlottesville, Va

Provided cultural awareness training via a personal perspective about Afghanistan before, during and after the Taliban to UVa ROTC students, some who may be deployed there.  Contact:  LTC Mark Houston, Chair, UVa Military Science Department,

August,  2013:  United Nations Foundation

New York, New York

Related to a photo exhibit “Too Young to Wed” which UNF organized in Washington, D.C., I addressed forced marriage in Afghanistan and shared my personal experience with the group and photographer Stephanie Sinclair.    Contact:  Kate Gilmore,

August, 2013:  University of Virginia Women’s Studies

Charlottesville, Va

Invited by the Introduction to Gender Studies class to address forced marriage; provided a global summary, a focus on Afghanistan, and my personal experiences as a survivor.  Contact:  Corrine Field, Gender Studies Professor,

Fall 2009:  Women in Afghanistan Panel

Sponsored by:  Feminist Majority Foundation

I spoke of my life in Afghanistan, touching upon such issues as forced marriage at the age of 11, my father being kidnapped and disappeared in 2000 and the continued threats and harassment of my family as a result of its resistance for forced marriage, and the discrimination I endured as a woman in my country.

January 30, 2008:  Girls Count: A Global Investment & Action Agenda, Washington, DC

Sponsored by:  International Center for Research on Women/IRCW

During the presentation of a new IRCW publication, in which my story is mentioned, I addressed – through a translator – my life as a 19 year old Afghan immigrant, who, at the time, was seeking asylum from forced marriage and gender discrimination. 

Contact: Margaret Greene,


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